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Travel Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations and Anti - Malarial Therapy

Advice regarding the above can be obtained from the Practice Nurse by contacting the reception.

Good, practical advice can also be obtained on line by visiting either of the two following websites

1. www.nhs.uk

For general advice and information on Travel Vaccinations please click on the following link - Travel Vaccinations - NHS Choices

For information on Malaria,  please click on the following link - Malaria-NHS Choices – Health A –Z.

2. www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk   

For further "General Travel Health Advice" please click on the following link - General Health Advice.

For further information on "Vaccinations" and "Malaria" please click on the following link and choose your planned destination -  Destinations

If you require vaccinations, it is important to arrange an appointment with the Practice Nurse for a consultation prior to having the required vaccinations.  A consultation appointment should be made at least six weeks prior to travel, as a number of doses of the vaccine may be required to ensure that you are fully immunised.

Anti-malarial therapy does not require jabs and consists of taking appropriate oral medication depending on the area to which you are travelling.  Most vaccinations are free, however some are not covered by the NHS and are therefore chargeable.

Please contact the surgery for further details if in doubt.

For More NHS Information and Services, Please Visit NHS Choices or NHS111